The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club LBG (GK& MC LBG) will organize Clubman’s Permit Kart Race Meetings for the 2017 Summer Series contested over 9 Rounds on the following dates,


1    2017 Summer Series Dates           Organizing Club  Guernsey Kart & Motor Club

      Round 1 Sunday 9th April          Round 2 Sunday 30th April             Round 3 Sunday 28th May

      Round 4 Sunday 25th June         Round 5 Sunday 23rd July               Round 6 Sunday 3rd September

      Round 7 Sunday 1st October           Round 8 Sunday 22nd October         Round 9 Sunday 5th November

      All events will take place at The Track, Victoria Avenue, St.Sampsons, Guernsey


2    The meetings will be held under the General Regulations of the MSA Motor Sports Association,   (Incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), the Supplementary     Regulations and written instructions issued by the GK & MC LBG


3    The Track measures 440 Meters, has six corners and the surface is of Tarmac.


4    MSA Clubman’s Permits have been applied for. Permit number will be displayed in program of events.


5    The events are open to all fully paid up members of the GK & MC LBG, Jersey Motorcycle and Light     Car Club and Jersey Kart Club. The Guernsey Kart and Motor Club LBG reserve the right to refuse an entry at their discretion, whether or not the number of entries submitted exceeds the maximum number    to be accepted in the competition (as per MSA Blue book H 30.1.2.).


6    All competitors must produce a valid Competition Licence and Club Membership Card when signing on.     For competitors under the age of 18 years, the Competitor’s Parent or Guardian must hold a Kart PG    Entrant’s Licence in accordance with the current MSA Yearbook, section (U) 14.1.5. At the event, the competitor must be accompanied by the holder of a Kart PG Entrant’s Licence who must sign on as the     Entrant of that competitor. When the holder of the Kart PG Entrant’s Licence is unable to be present       they may appoint in writing an Entrant’s Representative to act as their agent for all purposes under these Regulations. However the holder of the Kart PG Entrant’s Licence will remain fully liable and   responsible under the Regulations, as principal, as if they had accompanied the Competitor. The Entrants Representative must be in possession of the Kart PG Entrant’s Licence (H22.1.2).


7    The Guernsey 2017 Summer Series will consist of nine events. Drivers best 24 heat points from total of     27 and drivers best 8 Final’s points from total of 9 will count toward the Championship Class      Champion. In other words drivers are required to drop their worst 3 heats point races and their worst 1     Final’s points.  These worst point races can be randomly chosen by a driver and do not have to be from      any particular race meeting.  A Driver with the highest Heat points total out of 24 Heats will secure the       Heats Title.  If a driver is penalised or disqualified for a race due to disciplinary action, these races    cannot be used as one of a drivers dropped races.

      If a Race Meeting is terminated for whatever reason, prior to the completion of all races, only those Kart    Classes where all drivers have completed three heats will count towards Championship points. All    classes where drivers have not completed at least 3 Heats will be awarded no points for the event. If any one Kart Class has completed 3 Heats the Race Meeting will be declared concluded. However, if for      whatever reason, a Race meeting is cancelled prior to at least one Kart Class completing 3 Heats, the       race meeting will be declared void. All Drivers and Kart Classes will receive no points.


8    The timings of the meeting will be as advised in the programme of the day and where possible on the GKMC website prior to the meeting; including Signing on and Scrutineering times (NB any competitor       not signed on by the end of the appropriate time period may be excluded.

      Signing on closes 60 minutes before the scheduled start.

      Scrutineering closes 45 minutes before the scheduled start.

      Drivers briefing 45 minutes before the scheduled start.

      Pre-race practice commences at the scheduled start time


9    There will be 3 Heats and a final per Class (numbers of laps and Heats may change subject to time       restrictions)

      Cadet Heats will be 12 laps and the Final 15 laps.               

      All Junior Classes, Heats will be 12 laps and the Final 15 laps

      All Senior Classes, Heats will be 15 laps and the Final 20 laps

      If a “B” final for any Class is included this will be 15 laps

      Additional Non – Championship Races may be held if time permits.


10  Each Competitor must take part in a compulsory 3 Laps (minimum) practice before taking part in any   Races.


11  The event is open to MSA classes described in paragraph 21 of these Supplementary Regulations (where     grids and time allow).

      A Kart Class may be combined with another class (only as per MSA guidelines) in the event of "force   majuere"

      Maximum grid for any class will be 14 and will involve three heats and one final (minimum) for all      drivers. In this instance all entrants will automatically qualify for the final. However, where a grid size       exceeds 10 for any class additional heat(s) may be added with drivers still competing in 3 allocated      heats. Entrants are not permitted to exchange      allocated heats. Additional finals will be added. In this       instance the top eight point scoring drivers will automatically be awarded a position in the “A” final. A       “B” final will run first with the top two scoring positions promoted to the “A” final. On “B” final completion the top two finishing “B” final entrants will earn no points for their position in the “B” final.

      On completion, “B” final entrants finishing in third position or lower will receive points for eleventh place downwards respectively. In the event of 17 or more entrants for a class a further fifth heat may be   added based on the above principals. However, in the event of 26 or more entrants for a class, no “C”      final will take place and only the top 18 heat drivers will compete in a final.


12  Trophies may be awarded for the Championship and additional trophy races may be included in the     programme of events. Points awarded for the Heat positions will be added to the points awarded in the     Finals to give an overall total for the final Championship standings. Points will be awarded as follows

      be awarded as follows;

      Heats – 1st =40, 2nd =35, 3rd =32, 4th =30, 5th =29, 6th =28, 7th =27, 8th =26, 9th =25, 10th =24, 11th=23,      12th=22, 13th=21, 14th=20, 15th=19 etc. descending. All karts that complete at least 50% of the race will    be classified as a finisher and awarded points on a roll back of laps basis, all karts that take the start will       be awarded 1 point.

      Finals – 1st =80, 2nd =70, 3rd =64, 4th =60, 5th =58, 6th =56, 7th =54, 8th =52, 9th =50, 10th =48, 11th=46,      12th=44, 13th=42, 14th=40, 15th =38 etc. descending. All karts that complete at least 50% of the race      will be classified as a finisher and awarded points on a roll back of laps basis, all karts that take the start   will be awarded 2 points.

      In the event of two or more drivers finishing on equal points in the Championship, the winner will be determined on the most number of finals wins followed by 2nd, 3rd places etc until a winner is declared. If there is still a tie after this, Heat wins and positions will be taken into consideration. Any further tie,      then the Drivers will be declared joint winners.

      The above method will also be used to determine lower place awards if necessary.


      If a driver receives a penalty (for example a 10 place penalty), irrespective of the number of       entrants per race, the driver will only be awarded Race points for his finishing position including penalty. As an example if a driver finishes a race in 1st place and receives a 10 place penalty, the   driver will only be awarded points for 11th place even if there were only 6 entrants in the race.


13  The minimum entry for the meeting is 10. The maximum for each race is 14, the minimum is 3. Should   any of the above figures not be reached, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the meeting or      amalgamate races or classes if necessary.


14  Entries open 4 weeks before the event date. Entries must be made on the official entry form    accompanied by the appropriate fee. Entries to be sent to Mrs.H.Robilliard, A’Jamais,6 Hougues      Magues Lane, St.Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands, GY2 4WA

      Tel 01481 247892,    Mobile 07781 190532

15  The entry fee is £40 Senior and £35 Junior and Cadet The initial date for closing of entries will be 9.00pm (21.00   hours) for Standard entries, and 11.45pm (23.45 hours) for online entries on the Friday the week (9 days) before t he date of the Championship Round. Entries received after Friday and up to the final close date 3 days before the Championship round will be charged and additional £10.00. Entries received after this period will not be accepted.     For online entries please use the Guernsey Kart and Motor Sport website.

      If an entry is cancelled 3 days prior to the event, the entry fees will be refunded at the discretion of the     organisers. which could be only 50% of the entry fee

      If an entry is cancelled within 3 days of the event no refund will be given.

      Entry fees may be forwarded to a following event provided that the Competition Secretary is notified by   72 hours prior to the event, for which the entry is to be cancelled.


16  The Officials of the meeting will be selected from the following;

      MSA Steward;                                  Mr.Alan.Le Page/ Mr Alan.Trustum

      Club Steward;                                  Mr.Dave.Hockaday, Mr.Scott.Rayson,  Mr.Karl.Marshall,

                                                               Mr Nigel Caradeuc, Mr Steve Le Gallez, Neil Harvey

      Clerk of the Course;                         Mr.Alan.Trustum / Mr.John.Watson / Mr.M.Scott /Mr Ian Le Page/

                                                               Mr.Dave.Le Cheminant / Mr Keith.Lanyon/Mr.Simon.Lanyon

      Scrutineer;                                        Mr.Claude.Ford / Mr.Gordon.Snell / Mr. Simon.Lanyon


      Timekeeper;                                    Mr.Roger.King /Mrs Emma.Lanyon

      Secretary of the Meeting                      Mrs.Heather.Robilliard

      Results Clerk;                                  Mrs.Heather.Robilliard

      Child Protection Officer;                Mrs.Tara.Harvey/Mr.Scott.Rayson


      Officials may vary from the above and a full list will be displayed at each Championship round


17  All protests must be logged in accordance with the relevant sections of the current MSA Year book.


18  Starting positions will be determined by ballot for the first heat and the invitation races. The second and    third heats will be by rotation. Late Entry Drivers must occupy the rear grid positions in all of the Heats only. Novice Drivers will take their normal rear most grid position behind the normal and late   entry driver positions.

      The grid positions for the Final will be by the greatest number of points gained from the Heats for all    competitors including Novice Drivers/Late Entries. Timing and Lap Recording will be by Transponders.    All Drivers will need to supply transponders fitted to the back of the seat in compliance with MSA      guidelines


19  On commencement of the compulsory 3 laps practice ball games, use of child scooters and the riding of       pushbikes are not permitted in the Pit and Paddock Areas. This restriction applies until the completion of      the race meeting.


20  All Officials and Incident Marshals including Cadet incident marshals are only allowed on circuit provided they are signed on and are wearing fluorescent Orange safety Bib/Jacket (Fluorescent Yellow       clothing is not permitted). They Shall be positioned around the circuit and in accordance with the race     officials. There must be an incident Marshal available on the circuit for each Cadet competitor. Incident     Marshal allowed trackside for Cadet Class only.


21  Classes will comprise of the following;

      Formula Cadet (Comer/IAME/Honda

      As per MSA 2017 Kart Race Year Book

      Comer engines - as per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book, which may be unsealed

      Formula Rotax Minimax

      As per MSA 2017 Kart Race Year Book

      Formula Rotax Junior Max

      As per MSA 2017 Kart Race Year Book

      Rotax Senior Max

      As per MSA 2017 Kart Race Year Book

      Formula Libre Class

      6 months or more will not be able to participate in this event.



     MSA Regulations for Formula Libre Class


      FL1.0   Group       Senior – Non-Gearbox

      FL1.1   Class        Formula Libre

      Affiliation MSA


FL1.2       Introduction. The class is to cater for engines that no longer have their own approved class     homologations. Drivers must be in possession of a MSA Competition licence minimum Kart National B (Novice).Note for drivers under the age of 18, a Kart PG Entrants licence is required. Organisers may   make such restrictions on engines or tyres in their Supplementary Regulations with MSA approval. Kart,   engines, tyres and racewear must comply with MSA regulations and must be passed as safe and fit for purpose by the scrutineer.


FL1.3   Chassis. Any chassis conforming to MSA Yearbook regulations for non-gearbox karts, or to Honda      Junior/Senior class regulations for Honda-engined karts.


FL1.4   Engine. Engine or engines in total must not exceed 30bhp. Engines must be currently – or have been    previously – approved for use in MSA short-circuit karting and remain in that approved specification, from the    following list:


      TKM BT82

      Any CIK homologated JICA engine

      Any 125cc water-cooled engine Formula Blue

      4-stroke up to 250cc

      Any CIK homologated water-cooled 100cc engine


FL1.4.1 Exhaust, Inlet and Throttle Restrictors. Restrictors as detailed in the relevant fiche or approval documentation must be in place at all times and must be as supplied by the engine manufacturer.


FL1.4.2 Carburettor. As per class regulations for the engine, or separately approved by the MSA.


FL1.4.3 Fuel Pump. Free


FL1.4.4 Intake Silencer. As per class regulations for the engine, any type currently or previously approved for the       class is eligible.


FL1.4.5 Exhaust System. As per class regulations for the engine, any type currently or previously approved for the    class is eligible. Vevey exhausts must have an end cap.


FL1.4.6 Radiator (where applicable). As per class regulations for the engine, any type currently or previously approved for the class is eligible.


FL1.4.7 Ignition Unit. As per class regulations for the engine, any type currently or previously approved for the class is eligible.


FL1.4.8 Spark Plug. As per class regulations for the engine, any type currently or previously approved for the class is     eligible.


FL1.5 Transmission. Direct from the engine to the rear axle via a single length of chain. The clutch must be as supplied as per class regulations for the engine; any type currently or previously approved for the class is eligible.


FL1.6 Brakes. Hydraulic disc brake operating on rear axle only, in conformance with MSA Yearbook.


FL1.7 Tyres.

      Dry: Any current or previously approved slick tyre from World Formula, Junior/Senior Honda, TKM, Rotax,      Formula Blue or X30 classes. Tyres must be equivalent to or harder than CIK Prime (or previous Medium)       compound. Others may be considered on application from the Club. SRs may specify used tyres only, e.g. “new   tyres are not permitted, used tyres must have a tread depth not exceeding 2.8mm”. Only one set of tyres per race      meeting are permitted, except that one front and one rear may be exchanged if the tyre is damaged beyond       repair. Drivers must request a change before leaving parc fermé.


      Wet: Any current or previously approved wet tyre from World Formula, Junior/Senior Honda, TKM, Rotax,      Formula Blue or X30 classes


      If so marked, tyres must be fitted to run in the correct direction of rotation, as indicated by the arrow on the sidewall of the tyre.


FL1.8 General. An ignition kill switch must be fitted to any clutched engine and must be identified with an electric flash symbol sticker or marked on/off to assist marshals in the event of an incident.


FL1.8.1 Weight. Minimum of 160kg including driver, or increased as specified in supplementary regulations.


FL1.8.2 Number Plates. White with black numbers. U17.27 applies.


FL1.8.3 Age. Seniors: From 16th birthday